Dean Foreman's 28 Laws of Contracting

by Dean Foreman


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Dean Foreman's 28 Laws of Contracting
Law #1 - Avoid the Fantasy Land of Wishful Thinking Law #2 - Use Discovery to Control the Options Law #3 - The Customer is Not Always Right Law #4 - Good or Bad, the Customer Is the "Chairman of the Board" Law #5 - If It Walks Like a Duck and Quacks Like a Duck, It's a Duck Law #6 - Some Projects Are Better Left to the Next Guy Law #7 - The Contractor is the "Captain" Law #8 - Architects are Only Designers Law #9 - Planning is Not Just Scheduling Law #10 - Don't "Rig Your Ship" for the Wrong Voyage Law #11 - Draw a Line in the Sand Law #12 - Estimating Is Almost as Important as Scheduling Law #13 - The Pen Is Mightier than the Sword Law #14 - Use the Contract as a Rifle, Not a Shotgun Law #15 - If the Contractor Wins, the Customer Wins Law #16 - Anything You Give Away for Free Is Valued as Worthless Law #17 - Only Profitable Jobs Have Happy Customers Law #18 - Scheduling Is Almost as Important as Estimating Law #19 - Scheduling can Make the Biggest Dummy Look Smart Law #20 - You Can't Pour Concrete Before Setting Forms Law #21 - Time Is of the Essence Law #22 - Nobody Can Tell the "Captain" How to Sail the Ship Law #23 - Customers Are Responsible for Ripple Effects Law #24 - Subcontractors Are Like Three-Legged Stools Law #25 - A "Wronged" Subcontractor Is an Infection Law #26 - The Subcontractor's File Cabinet is the Truck Floor Law #27 - Money is the Project Scorecard Law #28 - Never Show a Chink in Your Armor