Dying To Know.Info

The Comprehensive Guide to Kicking the Bucket including Legal Forms, Estate Planning, Wills, Funeral Arrangements, Death Certificates, Obituaries, Life Insurance, and Everything Else to Prepare Before You Go

by Julian J. Blum


Author website: http://www.DyingToKnowInfo.com


Dying To Know.Info details an invaluable step-by-step process that will provide your loved ones peace of mind with the legal forms and other information they will need in order to deal with your affairs in the event of your passing. This book presents a fun, humorous, streamlined process to help with the completion of the documents quickly and easily.

Everyone will pass on someday, so to a degree everyone needs this book. It contains the forms needed to appoint your executor, the person who gives your beneficiaries the news about who gets your favorite fishing rod or sewing machine. The provided living will expresses whether you want to be kept on life support, or be allowed to meet your maker when your doctor says you are ready to go. It explains how you can cut funeral costs, avoid probate, and informs your accountant and/or attorney that you have done most of their work, so they better sharpen their pencils when tallying up their fees. This book could potentially save your spouse or partner a fortune in state and federal inheritance taxes, so there will be something left for that trip around the world he/or she always wanted. It contains all the forms necessary to allow your loved ones to pick up where you left off with all of your affairs so they can spend more time celebrating your life instead of spending countless hours trying to make heads or tails of your bills, bank accounts, debts, investments, and all that revolved around your daily life.

It is only natural to put off for later what you absolutely should do today in regard to this subject, but anyone can slip on a banana peel and crack their "noggin," so it's a good idea to prepare now. Hopefully, you'll live to be one hundred, so as information changes, there are addendum pages for you to bring your affairs up-to-date.

No other book on this subject is as comprehensive or supplies the detail or the legal forms as Dying To Know.Info. It is available in soft cover format to be filled out by hand or as an eBook so you can type onto the forms using your computer and print them out.

Dying To Know. Info is a must have compilation of information and templates that contributes to the peace of mind and legacy of every person, irrespective of age, ethnicity, or socio-economic standing.
Dr. Virgil Beasley, PsyD, Founder www.livingWell60Plus.org

The great thing about this product is its comprehensiveness, a very complete manual for a daunting task.
Dr. Francine Hardaway, Ph.D, Stealthmode Partners

I am excited to endorse this comprehensive guide to help you put your affairs in order.
Jeff Carter Retired Income Certified Professional, President Financial Strategies, Inc.

Dying to Know.info book is wonderful, very informative. Its light overtone makes it easier to fill in the info without getting all heavy and freaky about dying. Great job. I will definitely pass on the web site and show my friends.
L Corey, Clear Lake, California

I have spent several years worrying about how my wife would take over managing our affairs when I die. The book is great. It just makes sense to have things outlined the way they are. When someone passes away, there is just too much else to have to deal with. Thanks for your hard work!
T Mitchell, Omaha, Nebraska

After my husband passed away last year I went through a lot of tough times. We didn't spend time while he was alive putting together any documentation in the event one of us died. I bought a copy and am completing my bookt so my children don't have to deal with the same frustration when I leave this good Earth. Cheers to you, Julian!
M Marcos, Phoenix, Arizona

Got my book. Thanks! Looks great, easy to use. Spreading the word!
C Andrews, Las Vegas, Nevada

I have to tell you, I can't believe I went this long not having some of these things documented. Great work to you Julian and your team. Keep it up!
P Dean, Madison, Wisconsin

Don't leave home without it!. It doesn't matter how old you are, you can die in the blink of an eye.
Responsible people enter the pearly gates prepared!
R Larson, Atlanta, Georgia

About the Author

Julian J. Blum was born in Baltimore, Maryland. After service in the US Navy he moved to Phoenix, Arizona where he attended Arizona State University.He became a broker in 1954 specializing in the sale of income property, and the financing and development of real estate projects until his recent retirement.

Throughout his career, Julian served many civic and human services agencies as an officer and director.In 1992 he founded a transitional shelter for homeless families that has now become the largest shelter of its kind in the Southwest. He is married to Fleeta Compton Blum and is most proud of their combined family of six children and eight grandchildren.