Fundamental Concepts of Physics

by Michael J. Cardamone



Fundamental Concepts of Physics introduces students with little scientific background to college physics. Dr. Michael J. Cardamone presents the science of physics in a nonthreatening, non-mathematical conceptual format, with emphasis on its historical and cultural foundations. While directed at non-science undergraduate college students, the text is accessible to anyone with a curiosity concerning how we arrived at our current understanding of our physical world and its place in the universe. The goal is to allow the reader to come to an understanding of what we now know and how we came to know it. The emphasis is on the large concepts rather than the mathematical details involved with attaining this understanding. After completing the study of this text, the reader should have a greater appreciation of physics in describing the observed world.

About the Author

Since 1971, Dr. Cardamone has held various teaching and administrative positions at The Pennsylvania State University, Schuylkill. In his nearly four decades as a Penn State faculty member, he has taught a variety of courses in physics, mathematics, engineering, science, and humanities.