TCP/IP - The Ultimate Protocol Guide

Volume 1 - Data Delivery and Routing

by Philip M. Miller


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The book provides a complete guide to the protocols that comprise the Internet Protocol Suite, more commonly referred to as TCP/IP. The work assumes no prior knowledge of TCP/IP and only a rudimentary understanding of LAN/WAN access methods. The book is split into a number of sections; the manner in which data is transported between systems, routing principles and protocols, applications and services, security, and Wide Area communications. Each section builds on the last in a tutorial manner and describes the protocols in detail so serving as a reference for students and networking professionals of all levels.

Volume I - Data Delivery & Routing
Section A: Introduction
Section B: The Internet Protocol
Section C: Reliable and Unreliable Data Delivery
Section D: Quality of Service
Section E: Routing
Section F: Multicasting in IP Environments
Section G: Appendices

Volume 2 - Applications, Access & Data Security
Section H: An Introduction to Applications & Security in the TCP/IP Suite
Section I: IP Application Services
Section J: Securing the Communications Channel
Section K: Wide Area Communications
Section L: Appendices

About the Author

Philip Miller is a Transition Principal working for Nokia Siemens Networks in the United Kingdom. He has been specializing in networking, and the Internet Protocols specifically, for more than 15 years and has held posts with several major networking vendors. He has written numerous courses on networking topics that he has taught around the world and has advised on and edited several other works.