Life in Bright Colors

The Artist's Secrets by Maya Green

by Maya Green


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"Painting is my passion. Painting is as natural for me as breathing. Having been attached to painting since childhood, I felt that the necessity to paint grows bigger year after year. I respond creatively to everything that surrounds me."

This collection of original paintings by Maya Green displays her deep passion for color. Key in the works is her use of a palette knife, which allows her to apply pure color, delicate lines and perhaps most importantly, to express energy that no brush is able to capture.

About the Author

Maya Green has been an artist her whole life. Originally, she was born and raised in Ukraine, where she first developed her love of art. Since her childhood, she has been intrigued with the patterning of light and the interaction of color. She studied at the School of Art in Ukraine. In 1978, she graduated from the Facility of Art. In 1996, she moved to Israel and settled in Tiberias, where she continued to pursue her passion as an artist and sculptor. Green has lived in Enakievo, Donetsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Anapa, Tiberias, New York, and Saint Paul. Now, she lives and works between Tel Aviv and Los Angeles. She considers herself a global citizen.

"Painting connects me to the world and allows me to express myself and translate what I see and feel onto canvas and paper.The more I think about my art, the more I think is a gift from God and my mission is to share it."