Espanol medico y sociedad

Un libro para estudiantes de espanol en el tercer ano de estudios (Revised Edition)

by Alicia Giralt


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Espanol medico y sociedad/ Medical Spanish and Society is an innovative textbook that fulfills the needs of upper-division Spanish students who are pursuing degrees in the health professions, plan to become medical interpreters or just want to improve their proficiency in the language. It provides multiple opportunities to learn vocabulary related to the medical field, reviews hard-to-understand grammatical concepts, describes health-related cultural competence and presents opportunities to discuss issues of concern about the health of Hispanic communities in the US and abroad.

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Espanol medico y sociedad

About the Author

Dr. Giralt is a professor of Spanish and Cultural Studies at Weber State University. Her current research centers on Mesoamerican traditional healing practices. She has published articles on literary criticism, language pedagogy and Mayan medicine.