Speed of Purpose

Achieve 2.8X Productivity and Beyond

by Mark Thienes and Brian Brockhoff


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Speed of Purpose delivers a powerful step-by-step process to achieve 2.8x productivity gains. This is a must-read, and must-implement, book for every aspiring top-performing team and organization!

SPEED OF PURPOSE is launched with the three key Drivers of Purpose. These Drivers were developed through years of testing. Organizations were involved in measuring the impact of fully wrapping teams in Purpose as compared to the performance of those without Purpose. Each driver is brought to full speed by leveraging its three Accelerators. These nine Accelerators ultimately create the SPEED in SPEED OF PURPOSE.
* SPEED OF PURPOSE has proven to be a productivity multiplier of 2.8X through significantly increased team engagement that spikes productivity and discretionary effort, leaving a sense of satisfaction.
* SPEED OF PURPOSE is launched by first creating a clear and compelling Purpose, something people can believe in and devote their lives to.
* SPEED OF PURPOSE is the most significant results improvement initiative any organization can undertake.


Mark and Brian have done a tremendous job detailing the process for creating and implementing our own clear and compelling Purpose, which will produce a 2.8X or greater increase in productivity!
--Chris J. Baker | Author and Founder Chris-J-Baker.com, and Release Your Unconscious

It is truly enlightening to have Mark and Brian capture the proven winning formulas and put them in a very simple context that can be utilized by executives at any level in the organization!
--Roselyn Hammond, Retail Executive

In today’s fast-paced and chaotic workplace climate, many leaders find it challenging to connect to the significance of their work. SPEED OF PURPOSE delivers the transformative road map to establishing and unleashing the power of Purpose in your organization.
--Stephen Sacher, Director of Operations, Monte Christo Communities

Throughout SPEED OF PURPOSE, Mark and Brian help us discover Purpose with potential—the kind of potential one can only achieve through alignment on Purpose. Accelerated Purpose. SPEED OF PURPOSE. It’s a productivity multiplier of 2.8X or greater!
--Bob Vandercook, Operations Pastor & President, Client Transformation, Gapology

Mark and Brian continue to explore the aspects of human nature that can easily work with the most important tasks to enable success in your business and personal life.
--Noel Webb, CEO of Labrador Entertainment

About the Author

As an organizational leader, Mark Thienes spent years studying human behavior, specifically the the top and bottom performers on his team. He was curious about whether winning behavior could be taught and replicated. This curiosity led him to the discovery of Gapology. The behaviors contained within Gapology, the identification and closure of performance gaps, he found to be universally present in the winning leaders and top performers and almost completely missing in the bottom performers. This led to his first book, Gapology, which has aided tens of thousands of leaders to realize their full potential and maximize their results. These years also led him to the mapping of identity and the belief that identity is a choice.

These learnings and the process of identity mapping are detailed in his second book, entitled IMBAR, an acronym for the sequential process: Identity, Mindset, Behavior, Actions, Results. As Mark coached Gapology and IMBAR within many different sizes of organizations, from nonprofit to Fortune 25, he made another significant discovery. The people, teams, and organizations that were driven by Purpose, literally wrapped in Purpose, had much higher levels of engagement, discretionary effort, and productivity. Curiosity kicked in again. Can Purpose be developed by leaders and wrapped around a team? What happens when people without Purpose are given Purpose? Does productivity change? So curiosity, combined with years of research, led to the discovery of SPEED OF PURPOSE. Mark says that SPEED OF PURPOSE is his finest work. Built on many of the principles in Gapology and IMBAR, SPEED OF PURPOSE takes leadership and results to the next level.

In addition to being a talented photographer, designer, abstract artist, and proud husband and father, Brian Brockhoff has led and mentored teams of diverse business leaders for over thirty years and is responsible for the creation and design of numerous skill-development programs. He also designed and coauthored Gapology: How Winning Leaders Close Performance Gaps and IMBAR: The Pathway of Transformation with Mark Thienes, as well as a book of weekly inspirations based on the principles described in Gapology, entitled Gapology Inspirations. Brian is very grateful for the opportunity to call Mark Thienes his friend and is proud to stand alongside him, teaching Gapology, IMBAR, and now SPEED OF PURPOSE to leaders around the world.