Moisture Control and Insulation Systems in Buildings, Chilled Water Pipes and Underground Pipes

A Guide for Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Facility Managers, Construction Professionals and Homeowners

by William A. Lotz (author) and Joseph M. Hough (editor)


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This book shows you one thing: How to deal with moisture problems in buildings and their components: Roofs, walls, attics, heating/ventilation/air conditioning systems, etc.; as well as how to deal with moisture problems in insulated chilled water pipes and underground pipes. You'll discover the basics of moisture control in an easy-to-understand manner through real-life moisture problems that the author himself has been through, and managed to solve. Not only does Mr. William A. Lotz, P.E. write about his extensive moisture control experience with 2000 buildings and projects, but also convey the moisture control facts in a forthright, solution-oriented, jargon-free language. This language can be grasped by all building professionals: Architects, engineers, builders, facility managers, contractors, inspectors, specifers, etc. Even homeowners will find solutions to their moisture problems here. If you've ever struggled with moisture control despite the supreme advances in the building techniques, stop struggling; please. Following reading this book (or the specific chapter in this book pertaining to your problem), you'll be able to solve any awkward moisture problem life throws at you!


Listen to author interview on Tim Faller Show, Ep.142: Fighting Mold, Rot & Paint Peeling with Bill Lotz (2021-March-15)

About the Author

William Allen Lotz, P.E. has Professional Engineer’s license in 8 states and regularly writes technical articles. He published more than 300 technical articles, mostly on heating, ventilation and air conditioning, insulation and moisture issues. He consulted on over 2000 buildings with various moisture/insulation system failures from Honolulu to Maine to Miami to Texas. He designed hundreds of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, insulation systems, plumbing systems and sprinkler systems for residences and commercial buildings. He examined chilled water pipes dilemmas and dug up failed underground pipe insulation systems all over the United States and Canada, identified the cause of failures and recommended solutions. He also consulted for several dozen law firms and several dozen insurance companies to solve problems with building components' failures. He taught for three years a college course on insulation and building systems, and taught week-long seminars on energy and the environment for eight years. He has been appointed by three governors to the Maine Licensing Board for Professional Engineers. Mr. William Lotz, P.E. is also a Fellow and Life Member of the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). It's worth noting that Mr. Lot'z Family has been in the insulation business since 1910.