How to Cure Anxiety in Just Five Therapy Sessions

An Innovative Guide for Clinical Hypnotists and Psychotherapists

by Dr. Patrick McCarthy


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The purpose of this book is to carefully explain to therapists, who may have little or no experience with hypnosis, a simple therapeutic solution to anxiety and panic that often cures patients. My method works by addressing the answer to HOW we become anxious (the mechanisms that always exist) and not WHY we become anxious or WHAT makes us anxious. It is different than other methods because it essentially forgoes much if any history taking, which many patients enjoy as it so unexpected and different from any other therapists before. It focuses on the patient feeling understood rather than heard. Using this unorthodox method can transform your practice by quickly curing and relieving anxiety and panic in many patients.

The book begins on the opening page with a joke but the joke is a powerful metaphor for my philosophical approach to therapy. The book conveys the cadence and rhythm for delivery and the precise words and meticulous reasons for my words. This book lets you understand the importance of precise language in order to generate hope and expectancy from the very first moments to ensure that the patient returns.


Dr McCarthy a Scottish New Zealander, a seasoned medical hypnotist has written a very original and easy reading book about treating anxiety based on his extensive experience helping such patients. It’s filled with humour, humility and creativity with original new ways to design metaphors and hypnotic stories within the brief therapy tradition. I enjoyed reading it and found new and interesting applications for my everyday practice. A book for therapists worth reading and above all using.
--Dr Gérard Fitoussi, Président-elect, European Society of Hypnosis, Président, Confédération Francophone d’Hypnose et de Thérapies Brèves

Dr. Pat is an internationally renowned medical hypnotist. In this book he presents a formula for curing anxiety in five sessions. His approach is step by step and emphasizes the paramount importance of the first session It is full of stunning metaphors and powerful scripts. This book will change and enhance your practice for ever. Don’t just provide temporary anxiety relief--cure it.
--Dr. Gayre Christie, President, Australian Society of Hypnosis

A collection of metaphors and stories presented with humor and compassion, The McCarthy Methods are a basic, easy to use series of steps to ease overwhelming symptoms of anxiety. It is an accessible text for those interested in a conversational style of clinical hypnosis dotted with gems of wisdom.
--Julie Linden, Past President of the International Society of Hypnosis (ISH), the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH) and of the Greater Philadelphia Society of Hypnosis (GPSCH).

I warmly recommend this book to all hypnotherapists. Dr. Pat McCarthy, an experienced hypnotherapist, proposes a new, creative and empathic approach intertwined with human warmth and humor.
--Dr. Shaul Navon, Senior Medical Psychologist and Hypnotherapist, Private Clinic, Tel Aviv, Israel

About the Author

I am a medical doctor living in New Zealand and have specialised in medical hypnosis for over 25 years. I vowed to one day discover a cure for all types of anxiety despite reading that it was an impossible and futile desire. This textbook is the fulfillment of that solemn vow and my gift to the world.