Children Who Society Has Lost or Abandoned

A Parent and Family Guide for Neuropsychiatric Health Issues Faced by Children and Adolescents

by Michael W. Simon, M.D., Ph.D.


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This is a book that every parent, grandparent, family member, social worker, childcare provider and educator must have. It presents, reviews and discusses the serious dark side of pediatrics, children and adolescents with psychiatric and mental health issues and conditions, their warning signs and symptoms and directions for help, care and intervention. It guides adults who are in a position to make a difference with early intervention to be diligent and recognize signs of children having mental disorders, anxiety or depression, or at risk for suicidal behavior.

Other topics addressed are obsessive-compulsive behavior, conduct disorder, eating disorders, PANDAS and developmental learning disorders like autism spectrum disorder and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. More sensitive topics like gender dysphoria and obesity are reviewed and discussed. There are comprehensive reviews of substance abuse, alcohol and marijuana abuse disorders, PTSD, child schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Identification and early intervention for mental illness in children does make a big difference in their ultimate outcome.

* PANDAS is a real disorder and its occurrence is increasing!
* Eating Disorders are not just a fad!
* There is a physiological reason why gender dysphoria may occur!
* PTSD does occur in children and adolescents!
* Obesity is not always genetic!
* Substance abuse can occur in any household!
* Not all children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder are autistic!
* Identification and early intervention of mental illness in children and adolescents makes a big difference!


This book presents information on physical, emotion and neurologic development in a manner any parent, guardian or caregiver can digest. Each chapter packs useful information for a range of emotional and neurocognitive conditions including anxiety, depression, oppositional defiant disorder and autism. Red flags for early identification of developmental disorders are succinctly presented as well resources for evaluation and treatment. In the words of Dr. Simon, "The pandemic has intensified mental health issues, stress and increased suicide among youths." This publication is brought forth at no better time. It is critical for adults to educate themselves about the challenges facing the current generation. I consider his text to be an essential behavioral health primer for all pediatric caregivers.
--Erin L. Wilson, APRN, MSN, C-PNP

Dr. Simon's in-depth insight into children and adolescent mental health could not be more timely. Not that there is ever a time where mental health should be overlooked, but emerging from the pandemic that created so much additional stress on kids and families, the focus is needed more than ever.  Dr. Simon gives guidelines and red flags that parents and caregivers easily identify and how to act on them. Having this information right on your bookshelf should help anyone who wants to stay on top of what is happening with their loved ones!
--Penne Lentz

For the classroom teacher, this book is, quite literally, a lifesaver. It can help distinguish typical childhood behavior from that often-unrecognized cry for help.
--Sarah Miller

Dr. Simon has provided astounding information for parents, grandparents, social workers, educators and doctors on mental health challenges facing our children today.  Topics discussed are to the point and thoroughly covered.  Once I started reading it I couldn't put it down.  It's an invaluable asset to have on any shelf. Reading this book is equivalent to thousands of dollars and hours of therapy.
--Dr. Tammy Hoskins, Optometrist

Dr. Simon has been our family's pediatrician for many years because we appreciate his practical approach to medical care. This book is an extension of that care our children receive in his office. As pharmacists and parents, we've seen firsthand the impact COVID had on children's mental health. Children Who Society Has Lost Or Abandoned is a comprehensive, yet understandable guideline for issues facing those who care for children. Dr. Simon breaks down each subject and presents in a way that parents and caregivers can easily find information and definitions they need to help their children themselves right away, work with their child's doctor, as well as offering resources to get help outside of their current providers. Mental health issues can be scary for both parents and children, and in this book you'll find a wealth of guidance both clinical and practical, to help you make the best decisions for your child's care. We're grateful to have a doctor who is comfortable having these conversations and is constantly looking for ways to better the care that his patients receive. This book ensures that his efforts extend beyond his current patients, to others in need as well!
--Philip Almeter, PharmD and Heidi Almeter, PharmD

As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and parent of 5 year old twins, I am grateful that Dr. Simon has taken immense time to dive deep into the challenging topic of pediatric mental health. The rates of mental health issues in our country are skyrocketing and this book provides an all-encompassing resource for recognizing and effectively treating the vast majority of them. This guide would be a wonderful compliment to any healthcare learner or seasoned practitioner seeking to update their knowledge of these emerging critical issues. His attention to explanation of the “why” behind each mental health issue gives this guide an edge beyond traditional reference books that fail to provide such unique detail. Understanding leads to empathy. Empathy leads us to provide the specialized care our children and patients deserve.
--Emily E. Robinson, APRN, CPNP-PC, CLC, UK Pediatrics at Family Care Center

As parents, we have always appreciated and deeply valued Dr. Simon’s professional opinion with our children and their physical and mental health. Dr. Simon recognizes the importance of early intervention with a child’s mental health and he listens to not only parents, but children as they discuss how they're seeing the world and how it impacts them on a daily basis. Our oldest child needed intervention with ADHD at the age of 6 and Dr. Simon was informative, supportive and most of all, willing to help our child without expensive tests and long wait times. Today, many physicians are reluctant to intervene early or they completely dismiss concerns of parents and children as "normal kid stuff" when we need guidance and help for our children before the concern becomes an emergency, or worse, a tragedy.
Dr. Simon recognizes and understands this need and is always “hands on” with our kids when we express a need or a concern about their mental health.

--Kristin Childress, parent

About the Author

Michael W. Simon, M.D., Ph.D., is a native of Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky. He was trained as a microbiologist and received a Doctorate from the University of Cincinnati. Dr. Simon completed his M.D. degree at University of Kentucky. As a senior medical student, he received the John H. Githens Award for excellence in pediatrics. Dr. Simon received the Pediatric Intern of the Year Award. He completed his pediatric training at the University of Kentucky Medical Center. He has published original basic research and clinical articles. Dr. Simon has pioneered more effective treatment for infectious mononucleosis. He is a member of the Scientific Research Society of North America and the American Academy of Pediatrics. He and his wife reside in Lexington, Kentucky and have four adult children.