Lego-Based Therapy

Current Theory and Practice

by Daniel B. LeGoff


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This book provides a description of the current theory and methodology of LEGO-based therapy (LBT) for social development. It is intended for all readers who have an interest in LBT and both how and why it works to improve the development of social communication and interpersonal collaboration. This work provides an update from previous publications on LBT methods and offers the first in-depth discussion of the theoretical basis for the LBT model. Educators, therapists, parents, and administrators will gain a clearer understanding of how LBT can be used to improve social adjustment and initiate participation in social learning, creativity, and interpersonal synergy. Regardless of the context in which LEGO materials are used to facilitate improvement in interpersonal communication and collaboration, this book is a core text, describing the current strategies and benefits of LBT.

About the Author

Daniel B. LeGoff, PhD is a clinical and developmental neuropsychologist. He is the founder of LEGO-based therapy (LBT) and author of a number of books and articles on this topic. Dr. LeGoff provides training and certification in LBT internationally and has helped launch LBT social development groups ("LEGO Clubs") in over fifty countries. Despite being a longstanding advocate for the therapeutic use of LEGO products, Dr. LeGoff is not affiliated with the LEGO Group in any way.